$ 185,000

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This is a hot one! Innovation Performance Technologies’ Mustang R model, a step up from the S model. While our Mustang R is more aggressive in every respect, from power to the suspension, it is still very much a street car that we consider a “Ferrari Chaser” when pushed harder. With up to 700 plus horsepower, race quality brakes and a suspension engulfed in the quiet comfort you expect from a modern exotic car, the Mustang R is very much a supercar wearing a 1968 Mustang body.

No doubt, the IPT Mustang R will stand out and win nearly any car show it is entered in, and when it’s on a racetrack it will literally chase down and devour most modern supercars that cost 3 to 10 times as much money, all while still looking exactly like a 1968 Mustang. It’s really the best of both worlds! Visit InnovationPerformance.Tech or call us at (910) 687-4600 and let’s talk about building a Mustang R to your tastes!



The IPT production Mustang R shown here uses a fuel-injected Roush-supplied engine with a roots-style supercharger that is dyno-tested at well over 700 horsepower. Idle quality is smooth and relatively quiet, but the exhaust note increases depending on throttle position.



This car is a Tremec 6-speed transmission or a 10-speed automatic with paddle shifters like you’ll find in some high-end, very expensive European supercars. Up to the customer of course.



The suspension uses coil-overs at all four corners, rack & pinion steering, and custom spindles with huge Wilwood brakes.  The rearend is a NASCAR 9-inch Ford with super-strong 4130 axles with parallel coil-overs and a racing-bred Watts link to locate it firmly in the chassis.


Tires & Wheels

As you can see on this car, we used custom wheels from Chip Foose Designs, but any choice of wheel or tire is a customer’s option, as is any part of the car.



Inside the Mustang R, we use the highest quality Recaro seats, OEM-style Dakota Digital gauges, and a custom center console that houses a complete Bluetooth entertainment system with rear- and forward-facing cameras, just like an advanced modern car. The feel of the R model is certainly more serious than our S model, but we have enlisted this car as a daily driver many times, and have grown to love its serious nature. It is still very capable of driving across the country whenever you want to.