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Introducing the Innovation Performance Technologies Mustang R, a marvel of modern engineering encased in the iconic body of a 1968 Mustang. This model is a thrilling upgrade from our S model, designed to offer unmatched performance and style. Whether on the street or the racetrack, the Mustang R is built to impress and outperform.

The Mustang R boasts enhanced power and a more advanced suspension system, yet remains a street-legal vehicle that we proudly call a “Ferrari Chaser” under intense performance conditions. With over 700 horsepower, race-grade brakes, and a suspension system designed for both performance and comfort, the Mustang R epitomizes the essence of a supercar.

The IPT Mustang R is a guaranteed standout, capable of winning almost any car show it enters. On the racetrack, it rivals and outperforms modern supercars that cost three to ten times more, all while maintaining the classic 1968 Mustang appearance. It truly offers the best of both worlds!

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Engine & Performance

The IPT Mustang R is equipped with a fuel-injected, Roush-supplied engine featuring a roots-style supercharger, delivering over 700 horsepower as confirmed by dyno testing. The engine idles smoothly and quietly, with the exhaust note intensifying based on throttle position.

Customers can choose between a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic with paddle shifters, akin to those found in high-end, luxury European supercars. The choice is entirely yours!


The Mustang R features a sophisticated suspension system designed for exceptional performance. It includes Chris Alston Coil-overs at all four corners and an independent rear Cantilever suspension. The setup includes rack & pinion steering, custom spindles, and a 9-inch Ford rear end with super-strong 4130 axles. A racing-bred Watts link ensures precise and firm chassis location, complemented by large Wilwood brakes for superior stopping power.


Inside the Mustang R, we use the highest quality Recaro seats, OEM-style Dakota Digital gauges, and a custom center console that houses a complete Bluetooth entertainment system with rear- and forward-facing cameras. The R model feels more serious than our S model, but it is still very capable as a daily driver and can handle cross-country trips with ease.


As you can see on this car, we used custom wheels from Chip Foose Designs, but any choice of wheel or tire is a customer’s option, as is any part of the car.

The Mustang R features custom wheels from Chip Foose Designs, but customers have the option to choose any wheel or tire configuration they prefer.