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Custom Camaro Modifications for Performance and Aesthetics

The Camaro S, designed primarily as a street car, boasts an impressive LS3 engine delivering over 400 horsepower. Its suspension is tailored for comfortable and quiet street driving while maintaining a performance feel and superior handling—far surpassing any stock-trim 1969 Camaro. The S model integrates top-level performance parts and advanced brakes, making it a breeze to drive daily while offering modern performance and convenience not found in other ’69 Camaros.

Equally at home on the track and the street, the Camaro S excels in both environments, embodying the essence of a hot, modified 1969 Camaro. Start the engine, set the navigation system for a cross-country journey, and experience the thrill. Visit InnovationPerformance.Tech or call us at (910) 687-4600 to discuss building your ultimate Camaro!

Since its debut in 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro has been a legendary muscle car, renowned for its sleek design and powerful engine. Over the years, it has undergone various changes, yet it remains a top choice for car enthusiasts.

At Innovation Performance Technologies, we share your passion for cars. We know many enthusiasts dream of owning a Camaro—not just any Camaro, but a resto-mod Camaro. A resto-mod combines classic design with modern technology, offering the best of both worlds. Our team specializes in crafting custom resto-mod Camaros that surpass expectations and transform dreams into reality.

Our highly skilled professionals have years of experience in the automotive industry. We are passionate about cars and take immense pride in every project.

Continue reading to discover more about how we can create a custom Camaro just for you. Reach out to us with any questions you may have. Contact us today to start your Custom Camaro Build journey.

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Engine & Performance

The Camaro S is powered by a brand-new LS3 engine, delivering an exhilarating 400+ horsepower. Whether you prefer the smooth shifting of a 4-speed automatic or the dynamic control of a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, the Camaro S has you covered. Experience unmatched performance and versatility that set this classic apart.


The Camaro S features a stock-style suspension based on a classic front subframe and rear leaf springs, but that’s where the stock parts end. We integrate high-performance aftermarket components to maximize performance and ride quality. This ensures a solid, firm ride without harshness. Additionally, we’ve upgraded the brakes with top-tier aftermarket parts, delivering significantly shorter stopping distances compared to any stock Camaro.


The IPT Camaro S retains the classic 1969 Camaro interior but with modern upgrades for comfort and convenience. Enjoy the luxury of contemporary seats, air conditioning, and highly accurate, quick-acting digital gauges. Modern features include cruise control, a premium audio entertainment system with navigation, a backup camera, and more. Plus, all options are customizable to your preferences. We work with you to create your perfect dream car.


IPT’s production Camaro S is outfitted with US MAG wheels and 18-inch tires, delivering impressive visual impact and outstanding handling on both the street and track. This model features wider rear tires, thanks to the mini tub kit installed in the rear, enhancing performance even further.