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At Innovation Performance Technologies, we love all the classic 1960s musclecars but if you ever actually drove one in stock condition, you would quickly understand how uncomfortable and unrefined they are and how bad the handling was in those now-50-year-old cars. Sure, they’re fun to be seen in, but only for a short time, especially after you’ve become accustomed to a modern car with all of its conveniences and amenities. So here at IPT, we strive to create brand new vehicles with the look and character of older musclecars but with the performance, suspension, luxury and comfort items that can be found in a modern vehicle, as found in a dealer’s showroom. You can buy a car that has all the sex appeal of a 1969 Camaro, yet drives and behaves like a 2022 Camaro. We begin with brand new bodies and use all modern components in every part of the car to provide highly functional modern appointments, from the engine and drivetrain to the suspension, and to every part and bolt on the car. We specialize in 1960s-era musclecars like the Camaro, Chevelle, and Mustang, and are expanding into other vehicles whenever we develop a passion for a particular model or see a demand for them.


The IPT team consists of experienced NASCAR fabricators, builders, and racers that have gelled with U.S. Special Forces Veterans and current active duty warfighters. We started in a two-car garage out in West End, NC, chosen for its convenience to Ft Bragg JSOC as well as being demographically positioned to utilize all of NASCAR’s capability in the Mooresville, NC area. Today we’re in a much larger dedicated facility located in Aberdeen, NC filled with all the equipment necessary to create our full line of products. Our mission is to build the highest quality cars with the dedication of top-level fabricators and the loyalty and skills of our veteran soldiers.

The Team

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Jon Marshall

Principal, Stunt Driver, Fabricator

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Crimson Sanders

Project Manager, Shop Foreman

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Rod Schlosser

Interior Specialist, Project Manager

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Dustin Rowe

IT Manager