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humanitarian Vehicles

BEV Tactical Vehicle

THOR embodies the next frontier of innovation, showcasing the real-world application of SOSmil’s cutting-edge technologies. Born out of necessity and sculpted by opportunity, THOR is the culmination of a rigorous creative process designed to seamlessly integrate with the demands of modern operations.

Electric Tactical Vehicle

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Say goodbye to diesel fuel dependency. Embrace a future of efficient transportation with minimal moving parts, translating to lower repair costs. Enjoy a quieter, smoother driving experience that prioritizes your comfort. Our innovation ensures durability and extended running times, perfect for the most demanding environments. Choose from a range of vehicle charging options tailored to suit every situation.

Crafted with precision to guarantee cost-effective equipment investments and to optimize returns for a robust bottom line, THOR excels on every front.

Engineered to thrive in demanding environments and endure rigorous duty cycles, THOR boasts an industry-first hybrid charging system. This innovation facilitates off-board DC fast charging and on-board AC opportunity charging, ensuring unparalleled adaptability.