ShockR Update!

We’re rockin’ and rollin’ on ShockR, the ’89 Mustang coupe that we’re building in support of the RPM Act. While we are a little bit behind schedule (SEMA’s coming in less than 4 months!), it’s just about ready to head to Petty’s to get painted, while our in-house trimmer Rod Schlosser is crafting a truly bitchin’ interior setup. If you’re new to the car, we welded in a complete floorpan from a 2019 Mustang to make it easier to install the running gear and interior from the ’19 into the ’89, and we’re turning the car into a 2-seater that should really drop jaws at every show the car goes to.

The drivetrain includes a turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder and 10-speed automatic from the 2019, and about 80 % of the interior pieces including all the electronic trickery and gauges, including the complete dash. It’s starting to look like a real car now, and we can’t wait to see it painted! Stay tuned, because we have an entire television show scheduled just on the car and the research that we’re going to show, about the carbon footprints on this car and a typical electric car (EV). True to the car’s name, it should “shock” you what we’re learning here!

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