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1966 Ford Fairlane


PROJECT Overview

Originally, this 1966 Fairlane was purchased at LaFayette Ford in LaFayette, North Carolina, close to Ft. Bragg that had a reputation of selling hot new muscle cars to young folks heading off to war with a few dollars in their pocket. We know the buyer of this car was a soldier in the 3rd Army based on his base parking sticker that was on the car. There was no sticker for the next year, however, so we don’t know if he ever made it home from Vietnam and are currently looking for him to reunite him with his car.

It was a GT390 Fairlane that ended up in our interior guy’s backyard, where it had been sitting for 20 years or more. Our plans to build it in a modern theme with a new Coyote crate motor became complicated due to a couple of issues, so we had a 351C from another customer’s car and ended up getting carried away and built the car with our traditional modern conveniences such as a backup camera, cruise control, air conditioning, and all of that, to the point that it became a daily driver that is safe and capable of driving to California tomorrow if we want to.

Check out our photo album of this 1966 Fairlane on Flickr.

For those reading this or catching the ABC11 video about it, we may have found the original owners and will post an update about the Fairlane soon.