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Inside the Rumor Mill at Innovation Performance Technologies. Are more good things on their way?!

GM recently had a big secret exposed on the internet, and that secret is the brand new C8 Corvette Z06 GT3.R race car at full scream around Sebring International Raceway. Our boss Jan Marshall was in Detroit last summer picking up a COPO Camaro drag car, and during that trip was given a look at a new road race car from GM being built. Even though he was picking up his new DRAG racing car, Jan’s real passion is road racing so his interest was piqued to say it mildly. Then footage of the C8 race car at Sebring was released in apparent secret by “Lanky Turtle†whose YouTube channel has about 14,000 followers. Then, GM finally admitted that they were indeed building a total of eight race cars for select teams—Pratt & Miller of course is one of them, but a small group of other teams are each getting a car to compete at select races around the country. Could IPT be one of those teams?

Lately, everyone here at IPT has noticed that owner Jan Marshall is looking skinnier than usual, having lost 26 pounds in just the last month. Plus, in the last 10 days he has been to Detroit twice and Sebring once. Why? We’re not sure, but the internal rumor mill is working overtime, and it seems like discussions have begun between IPT and Chevrolet. Are those discussions related to a C8 race car perhaps? Hmmmmmm.

Now we’re not announcing anything here, but just asking how cool would it be to see the IPT team running one of these machines? Stay tuned. Maybe.

And hey, Lanky Turtle, the camo wrap on the race car isn’t foolin’ anyone, but thank you, good job!

Check out the Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0cQ5pswXPM

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